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A Debut Book



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Book Description

The Mighty Have Fallen is the account of a multiyear federal political corruption investigation by the FBI and its sole confidential human source (CHS) for the case, Derek Bluford. Mr. Bluford’s work started with former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and his corrupt elected friends, and then expanded throughout the nation as he was recruited by other FBI and law enforcement agencies. Learn how these dirty politicians used their influence, money, and power to siphon millions from taxpayers through government contracts across the country. 

Written by Derek Bluford, who served as a CHS for the FBI, this insider account provides detailed information regarding illegal acts by Mayor Eric Garcetti, Mayor Toni Harp, City Controller Daryl Jones, Congressman Greg Stanton, and other politicians in cities throughout the United States.

Mr. Bluford started as a young entrepreneur recruited into the world of dirty politics by former NBA superstar Kevin Johnson. Little do Johnson and the other corrupt politicians know that Mr. Bluford is working for the FBI and will soon bring down their crooked house of cards. 

This tale of corruption and greed takes the reader inside the double life of Derek Bluford, whose code name was “The Lobbyist.” Discover the ongoing investigations as they reach into the 2020 presidential campaign and also implicate nonprofit political action committees. 

While primarily an intriguing story of what is wrong in American politics, it is also a story of redemption for Derek Bluford as he fights to win and regain his legitimacy amid a political landscape riddled with corruption.



Backdoor deals delivered in plain sight. Crooked officials shuffling money and favors all the way to the top. A double life working with the FBI . . . and finding out nearly everyone in power has been sucked into this widespread world of corruption and unbridled greed. 

Sounds like an exciting blockbuster movie, right? Derek Bluford knows better—this is the United States of America. He has collected all the evidence and now wants to take you behind the curtain of the shady happenings within your own community. Many of us have probably suspected the government isn’t always honest with us, but the level of ingrained corruption Derek brings to light is truly disturbing, and an eye-opener to the ugly underbelly of American politics—from local councils all the way to the White House, and sadly, every level in between. 


Some facts you’ll read may be shocking and difficult to believe. Fortunately, Derek is a master of keeping records and has collected all the evidence. Furthermore, what even the FBI failed to account for was his desire to tell the whole truth and spare no one with dirt on their hands exposure to the public eye. After all, We the People rely on city, state, and federal governments to faithfully represent us and our needs. Shouldn’t they be held accountable?