BLM takes aim at Mayor Eric Garcetti

His corruption investigation may now be coming to light.

“People should be conscious that they can change a corrupt system,” said Peter Eigen the founder of Transparency International. There is a lot to learn in this quote for the people of America where political corruption looms in the atmosphere without the ordinary people knowing about it. It is important to know the politicians that represent you in political offices.

Derek Bluford, an entrepreneur-turned-FBI confidential human source wrote a book called “The Mighty Have Fallen” that is full of stories about the corrupt politicians of the United States. Derek was an entrepreneur who met with former Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson who introduced him to the dirty world of politics full of corruption. Chapter 9 of the book narrates the story of Kevin Johnson and Mayor Garcetti using illegal means to get a contract for one of Johnsons companies, Government App Solution pr their partners Conduent and Verra Mobility.

The whole adventure starts after a voice recording of billionaire Donald Sterling went vial making racist comments to his mistress. The city of Los Angeles witnessed an uprising against the billionaire and demanded severe actions. Mayor Garcetti called Kevin, a former NBA star for help and he did so by making a press conference and ensuring protestors that actions will be taken. Kevin helped Garcetti to avert the public relations crisis and now owed him a favor.

Kevin Johnson used the opportunity to ask Mayor Garcetti for help with the parking enforcement contract for the company which was worth $150 million. With this contract, the company would become one of the most influential companies in the city. Kevin who already had a net worth of $10 to $15 million would become super-rich with this new contact. Mayor Garcetti reached out to the Los Angeles Department of Transport (LADOT) to begin the process of directing the $150 million contract for the company. Kevin and Garcetti were to get 15 percent of the profit. This dirty politics made the Chief of Parking enforcement retire from his position under pressure from Mayor Garcetti. The General Manager of the LADOT also objected, stating that she did not want to hear from elected officials anymore regarding the contract. The contract was not finalized in the end as the FBI arrested a member of the council, Jose Huizar. Jose was one of those members of the council who knew about all of this and was given money to vote for the contract.

Kevin Johnson was an NBA star and a Mayor who got everything thing through such means. There are thousand of other Kevin Johnsons out there that we need to identify and recognize so that we could choose better for our country and locality. America has many major issues while corruption is never seen as a major issue. We must recognize corruption as a major issue and work to eliminate it or else it will rise to such power that it would become impossible to deal with it. It is good to kill a parasite while it is breeding because once it has multiplied you will have to kill thousands not on. The corrupt politicians should be punished severely so that they would become an example for those aspiring politicians who see politics as a business and not an opportunity to serve the nation.

People now ask, what crime has been committed? Well, two....

18 U.S.C. § 201 prohibits the public office holders to directly or indirectly accept, seek, demand, or receive bribes or any kind of favors from any person that would influence their government actions and decisions in any way.

18 U.S.C § 371 states that “if two or more person conspires either to commit any offense against the United States or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years.”

Now as Mayor Garcetti finds himself on the radar of Black Lives Matter, he is going to have to start answering these questions to this corruption pretty quickly as the organization moves to block his cabinet recommendation from President elect Joe Biden.

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