The former mayor of New Haven responds to book publication. “I thought it was a check she claims."

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Former Mayor Toni Harp dug her hole deeper last week when interviewed by the New Haven Independent journalist Paul Bass. When questioned as to why she accepted an envelope of cash from the FBI source, she claimed that “she thought it was contribution checks.” However, the community and readers were in uproar asking, “How does one confuse seventy (70) one hundred dollar bills in a chase banking envelope with checks?”. There is undoubtedly a weight difference between seven checks and 70 hundred dollar bills. Readers also asked, why did it take nearly two weeks for the money to be returned?

Text messages between Harp and Bluford clearly shows that Harp knew that the FBI source was giving her cash in the envelope. Then-Mayor Harp had requested that Bluford communicate with her on her personal cell phone regarding their agreement. A text dated August 19th between the two shows a pretty clear conversation.

Bluford: “Ok. I’ll send 20k via usps mail. Then next week you, Daryl and I can meet for dinner get the contract teed and I’ll have the remainder. Does next Saturday work for you guys or Sunday? I’ll try to get Kevin to tag along for the trip too. Also, did you find out about the dinner event or ads?”

Harp: “Okay. Thank you. Let me know where you sent the contribution. I so appreciate your help”

These texts show that FBI source Bluford was indeed sending the Mayor tens of thousands of dollars and that they were having dinner so that the source could bring the remaining money and get the contract teed. Tee is defined as “make detailed arrangements or preparations.”

Yet, it does not stop there. Harps claimed that the meeting was to conduct normal business is then challenged by yet another text from her personal cell phone to the FBI source. Mayor Harp had previously tried to direct a parking contract to the FBI source but was shut down by Doug Hausladen, an honest city employee. Bluford, the FBI source, had to then play the role to get Harp on video acknowledging that Doug would not cause any issues this time around. A text dated August 24th from the mayor to the FBI source states, “That’s okay. I’ll meet you at the restaurant. I’ll stay after a little longer with you to go over issues.”

The most damning piece of evidence against the former mayor is the video of her taking the cash from the FBI source. The source states, “Unfortunately, I ran out of names to make the donations to. I have the $7,000 here (FBI source Bluford is holding an envelope in the video) can you find the remaining names to put this under” at which point Mayor Harp grabs the envelope and says “Yes. That’s not going to be a problem.”

And finally, for the doubters, there is not anything more convincing that this was an FBI operation than emails from the actual FBI showing their government email address @FBI.GOV that mentioned reimbursement for the New Haven trip.

Finally, you have the claims from the former Mayor Toni Harp, who alleges that she received a letter from the FBI stating that her phones have been tapped. However, she did not provide this to the journalist or media. The question lies… Did it say more? At this point, it’s evident that we can not take the word of the former mayor, as she is clearly trying to save her own butt. However, there is even more campaign trouble for Harp in addition to this FBI Investigation. The State Elections Enforcement Commission voted to subpoena records from former Mayor Toni Harp’s 2017 campaign that failed to list the names of donors who gave an estimated $90,000 to her 2017 Democratic mayoral primary, as well as records to answer charges of alleged threatening and fraud in a separate complaint for that primary by a second individual.

The question is, who will get her first? Will she cooperate with the United States Attorney's Office and truly save her own, or will she stick it out and wait for the arrest, at which time she’ll surely be going to prison?

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