Corruption Story of Representative Greg Stanton

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

The United States House of Representatives is the most prestigious institution of this nation. The representatives represent the nation and are responsible for making laws in the best interest of the people of this country. Yet, some of these members spend their time in Congress making money for themselves and looting from the ordinary Americans with the help of the power that the people of America entrust them.

The Mighty Have Fallen by Derek Bluford is an account of the corruption of politicians that use their power to rob ordinary Americans. It is an account of years of investigations of the FBI and its confidential human source Derek Bluford. Bluford started as an entrepreneur and was dragged into the dirty world of politics by former NBA star and Mayor Kevin Johnson. During this time, Bluford had an encounter with several politicians who wear a mask of decency and sincerity in front of the public but behind the mask, their faces are full of corruption and hypocrisy.

Chapter 5 of The Mighty Have Fallen narrates the story of former Mayor and now a sitting member of the House of Representatives Greg Stanton, and how a corrupt deal was struck. Back in 2017 when Stanton was the Mayor of Phoenix and was planning to run for the House of Representatives. Bluford was introduced to the Mayor and his administration by former Mayor and NBA star Kevin Johnson.

Johnson and Bluford were part of a new public safety company that was aimed at identifying the drivers using phones while driving and sending them tickets for violations of rules. The company was growing rapidly. Kevin urged Bluford that they needed to expand the company by using his connections in politics and so a meeting was set up with Representative Greg Stanton. Kevin Johnson was not going to play by the rules. Kevin told him that Stanton is his close friend and owes him.

From there, several meetings and text took place to set things up and get the process going. Once the amount was agreed upon, then-Mayor Greg Stanton started having the mayors' office reach out to other departments to start getting a contract going for the company.

Stanton informed Johnson and Bluford that he would resign soon and will try to get the contract expedited.

The conversation between Derek Bluford and Kevin Johnson can be viewed here:

The contact was sent to the police who took some time to approve it. Meanwhile, Greg Stanton resigned from the office earlier than he told. After his resignation the contract was left hanging, Stanton assured Kevin and Bluford that he will get them the contract and if he couldn't he will get them a new when he reaches Congress, and will also make laws favorable to their business.

The next most interesting thing happened when Kevin again contacted Stanton for the contract. During the call, Stanton told him that he is not getting enough attention from the press. They both then made a plan, which later on was seen in the news. Many people would have heard of Phoenix's former Mayor being robbed. This was the plan they made to get the media attention and show Stanton as a hero in front of the public.

Mr. Greg Stanton is now a proud and rising member of the House of Representatives sitting in the highest institution of the country making laws for its people. Greg Stanton and Kevin Johnson are just a few of hundreds who have looted this country like a parasite. They get the power from the public and then use it to benefit their friends and their selves. The Mighty Have Fallen is full of such stories exposing the corrupt politicians and bringing their real face in front of the public so that people could know whom to choose and to whom they should give power.

Text messages and emails show troubling proof that the Mayors office was directing other city officials to do business with the company.

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