Former Mayor and other city staff charged in Public Corruption Scandal

Former Maywood Mayor Ramon Medina is charged with bribe, conspiracy, embezzlement and theft after a years-long investigation.

The former mayor of Maywood, Ramon Medina was charged with multiple counts of solicitation of a bribe, conspiracy, embezzlement and theft, according to a 34-count criminal complaint made public Thursday. The Los Angeles County District Attorneys office allege Medina took donations during his 2015 City Council campaign from contributors whom he promised to later reward with city work. Many of those contributors are now listed among his co-defendants.

The classic case of public corruption also involves former city planning director David Mango and the ex City Manager Reuben Martinez. These individuals are charged with multiple counts of theft, misuse of funds, embezzlement and conspiracy after they allegedly sought to sell properties earmarked for affordable housing to a buyer who wanted to erect a bingo hall, according to the complaint that was made public on Tuesday.

Former Mayor Medina and his co-defendants are also charged with allegedly using city funds to pay contractor Felipe Velarde to conduct unapproved construction work at the homes and properties of the ex-mayor’s friends and constituents. In one instance, city funds were used to pay Velarde for construction work performed at Mango’s Los Angeles home, according to the complaint.

From September 2016 to June 2018, Martinez and Mango allegedly approved billing statements for Velarde’s company in excess of $1.5 million, according to the complaint.

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