Major lawsuit including the FBI, US Attorneys Office, Mayors, Former Mayors, and a Congressman.

A government technology company filed a federal lawsuit today against the FBI, US Attorneys Office, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Former Mayor Kevin Johnson, Former Mayor Michael Tubbs, Former Mayor Toni Harp, FBI Source Casey Lund, and others for RICO, negligence and fraud.

Government App Solutions, Inc, which is a technology company that focused on providing government agencies with advance mobile services to increase efficiency, has filed a lawsuit against the government for using its good name, defrauding it of its technology, and destroying the company.

The FBI and United States Attorneys Office had used two FBI Confidential Human Sources to gimmick the company. One FBI CHS Derek Bluford worked as an independent contractor for Government App Solutions at the direction of the FBI and United States Attorneys Office. Also in the lawsuit, it is alleged that another FBI CHS Casey Lund, who also works for the State of California posed as a potential buyer of Government App Solutions on behalf of his employer to obtain a copy of the technology to use it for FBI purposes.

What we do know is that the FBI has confirmed their investigation into political corruption using CHS Derek Bluford. On April 8, 2021, U.S Assistant Attorney Michael D. Anderson filed in open court an FBI opening document, confirming that CHS Bluford was working for the government. Emails between the FBI, Bluford, and video recordings show that the FBI is investigating former Mayor Kevin Johnson, former Mayor Michael Tubbs, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Congressman Greg Stanton, and others for public corruption.

Government App Solutions claims are that the government defrauded their company, and negligently put a known felon in charge to operate their company without its knowledge. The company was valued over $15,000,000.00 and they are now on the road to recover their damages.

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