Why he lost.... Stockton has a new hope

Even with superstar endorsements, Tubbs could not pull off a win.

The first Black Mayor of Stockton, former Mayor Michael Tubbs has lost the reelection in a stunning upset. Tubbs was a rising Democratic star and was considered to be a favorite in the progressive circles of the city. Tubbs became the first-ever black and the youngest Mayor in 2016. In a short time, Tubbs captured the attention of the media who portrayed him as a hero and a rising star of national politics.

However, unfortunately, Michael Tubbs lost the re-election to the Republican Kevin Lincoln after stories of his political corruption emerged in a local news website and in a book named “Mighty Have Fallen” by a former entrepreneur and FBI confidential source Derek Bluford. The news outlet under the name of ‘209 Times’. The story published in the news outlet questioned the reputation of the Tubbs and later contributed towards his defeat in the election. Many termed it as a false narrative and baseless, as the article accused Tubbs of misappropriating millions of dollars in developmental projects, and for putting his personal interest ahead of his duty that he entrusted with by the people of the city.

In the beginning, people ignored the allegations, as the news outlet had little evidence to prove their allegations. However, later a blog appeared summarizing the chapter of The Mighty Have Fallen, regarding Michael Tubbs and Kevin Johnson. It was the time when people started to recognize the truth of Michael Tubbs. Eventually, Michael Tubbs lost his re-election and a series of investigations have started concerning him.

San Joaquin County District Attorney has authorized the investigation against Michael Tubbs on charges of corruption. The Fair Political Practices Commission Enforcement Division has two open cases against Mayor Tubbs. One is related to the Statement of Economic Interest and the other one is regarding behest payment reporting. The Commission has not provided any further details due to protocols.

Moreover, the Stockton Unifieds' internal Investigation has yet to conclude their investigation about the Stockton Foundation as the company is reluctant to cooperate while not providing the needed documents and SUSD. Moving forward, Mayor Tubbs also has maintained a secret consultancy business, which he failed to report on his statement of economic interest since April 2019.

When the first article appeared in 209 Times, Daniel Lopez who serves as the right hand and spokesperson of Mayor Tubbs rejected all allegations terming them as outright lies. If all that was outright lies then why the investigations, it is time when the public should demand answers from the former mayor about why he misused the power that the people entrusted him with.

However, it was later discovered that Daniel Lopez was under an FBI investigation himself, regarding his current boss Mayor Michael Tubbs and his former boss former Mayor Kevin Johnson. He had been working with the two to finalize a quid pro quo deal for one of Kevin Johnsons companies to get a contract with the city of Stockton. In addition, Lopez was found to be providing fraudulent references to other cities regarding the company.

Additionally, Tubbs’ assistant Daniel Lopez and former mayor Kevin Johnson are also facing FBI investigation for public corruption.

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