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With his new book, The Mighty Have Fallen, Derek wishes to awaken people to the dirty dealings going on in secret around them, from local city council chambers to well-known celebrities with political connections all the way up to the White House—including within the FBI. He believes the people who elect these officials and trust those in positions of power deserve to know what these individuals are really doing with their tax dollars and funding. Derek hopes his work and the resulting public awareness of its contents will increase transparency and accountability as well as reduce political corruption throughout United States systems of government—all the way to the top. 

The Mighty Have Fallen is the firsthand account of Derek’s time serving as a human source for the FBI. In his undercover position as “The Lobbyist,” he is tasked with uncovering the dirt on former NBA player and Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson, his long-time business partner. What Derek finds is not only has the former mayor managed to avoid justice for his sexual crimes for years, he is also an active ringleader in political handoffs, selling public contracts to cronies, and various levels of fraud—in Sacramento city politics and well beyond. Through his FBI service, Derek discovers a nation of citizens asleep to what their elected officials are really doing with their tax dollars.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or other: The knowledge Derek uncovers affects every single person living in the US. Within this important and timely book, you will find details of systemic lies and schemes by those on top, continuous cover-ups, deceptions to keep the status-quo going, and a call for all Americans to demand better from those we trust with positions of power and influence. 

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A world of fraud and political corruption at every level thriving under our very noses? It’s no lie or exaggeration, and Derek Bluford has proof. During his time as an undercover human source for the FBI, Derek, code name “The Lobbyist,” is tasked to get the dirt on former NBA star, Sacramento mayor, and accused sexual offender Kevin Johnson, and is pulled deep into a world of cronyism, lies, and dirty deals snaking all the way up to the White House. The Mighty Have Fallen is Derek’s firsthand, tell-all account of his shocking experience, and a wake-up call to Americans to demand better from our elected leaders.